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Chibi-Mary Story
Mary-02 MG Kazuhiro Kitase's main hobby is sleeping. Ever since he was young, he would enter a world within his dreams and go on exciting adventures. As he grew older, he became acquainted with a female Elf and the two have now been united through a Dragon's brand! As he wakes up one day, he notices a familiar figure sleeping next to him...the Elf girl from his dreams?! Join Kazuhiro on his new adventures through Japan with the lovely Ms. Elf!

Original Story by Makishima Suzuki

Kazuhiho-00 MG

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Wridra (ウリドラ, Uridora) is the secondary heroine of the story. Her true form is a magi drake with the power to "guide" the world. She also known as "Fragment of the Arkdragon" and currently assuming the form of a draconian to interact with Kazuhiho and his friends. She's highly intelligent and incredibly curious about human culture and forms of entertainment.

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